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MARK with the advanced VIO technology which is an innovative positioning way in the world can realize precise hovering both indoors and outdoors. It’s the first drone has memory cruise feature which means it can remember flight trajectory and follow it to fly automatically.

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Indoor Outdoor

The advanced VIO technology is an innovative positioning way. The VIO technology can replace the traditional optical flow and GPS positioning mode and can easily achieve precise and stable indoor and outdoor hovering. The VIO technology enables MARK to freely shuttle between indoors and outdoors. Not limited to the GPS signal.

Remarkable Memory

Due to VIO technology, MARK can identify and record the trajectory it flied easily, no matter how complex the terrain is. VIO technology is the first time applied in the drone industry which will stimulate more interesting functions. Remarkable memory and never forget.

Extremely Foldable

MARK’s compact body can be easily grasped by the embracing foldable design. Well-designed propeller storage jig allows the body to be more neat and tidy and even if it is placed in a pocket or handbag, it will not be intertwined with other items.

4K Video Recording

MARK is equipped with a 13MP camera. Through the optimization both on the structure and images stabilization algorithm, MARK has a steady and smooth HD 1080P video after stabilization and 4K video before stabilization.

Object Tracking, One-key Video

Object Tracking is the aircraft recognize the object and follow it to fly automatically and can record a video at the same time. MARK can adjust the flight speed and flight angle to adapt to the followed object’s moving mode. During object tracking, the aircraft can realize one-key video including bellow 4 mode: Rocket Mode, Oblique Rising, Encircling and Helix Mode.

Unique and Scalable Folding Design

Unique and scalable folding design makes the RC portable and special. Unique appearance is very attractive. Can embedding the smart phone to watch the real time view shoot by the drone with immersive experience.

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Easy to carry and fly at will.

    Dimension(before Folded) 151mm x 146mm x 52mm
    Dimension(after Folded) 145.5mm x80.8mm x 52mm
    Wheelbase 210 mm
    Weight(Battery &Propeller Included) 200 g
    Max Ascent Speed 2 m/s
    Max Descent Speed 2 m/s
    Max Horizontal Speed 3 m/s
    Max Flight Time 18min(no Wind)
    Hover Accuracy Range(In Safe Mode) Vertical:±0.1m Horizontal:±0.1m
    Operating Temperature Range 0~40℃
    Lens FOV 75°; F/ 2.2
    Sensor CMOS;1300 MP
    Electronical Shutter Speed Auto
    Image Size 3840x2160
    Still Photography Mode Auto
    Video Recording Resolution 4k 30fps /1080P 30fps
    Storage Format JPEG、MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
    Supported SD Cards EMMC 16G
    Storage Capacity EMMC 16G
    Operating Temperature Range 0~40℃
    Weight 60g
    Capacity 1300mAh
    Energy 9.88Wh
    Max Charge Voltage 8.7V
    Quick Charge 2.0A
    Nominal Voltage 7.6V
    Type LiPo 2S
    Operating Temperature Range 0~40℃
    Live View Quality Max 720P
    Live View Working Distance ≈50m
    Live View Working Frequency 2.4G / 5.8GHz
    Latency 200 - 300ms
    Required Operating Systems iOS 9.0 or later / Android 5.0 or later


MARK has a special app for it and can through Wi-Fi connect it with MARK. You can see the live view from the app and control the drone.
  •  One-key Return
  •  One-key Video
  •  Visual Tracking
  •  Voice Control

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App Control

MARK’s arms adopt a simple and elegant hoop-folding design. Even after thousands of folds, the stability during flight can be guaranteed. When folded, it’s only the size of a iPhone, so you can easily hold it with one hand. The well-designed propeller storage fixture can make the body more tidy, even if it’s put into a pocket or a handbag, it will not be intertwined with outer items.
  •  One-key Takeoff
  •  One-key Landing
  •  Intelligent Recording
  •  Intelligent Shooting

Visual Tracking

There is no need of any auxiliary equipment since through image recognition technology, MARK will track the object by locking it into the center of the lens. This frees your hand, allowing you to shoot freely.
  •  Visual Tracking
  •  One-key Rotating

GPS Way-point Planning

There is no need of any auxiliary equipment since through image recognition technology, MARK will track the object by locking it into the center of the lens. This frees your hand, allowing you to shoot freely.


The drone can freely fly within a safe area, which guarantees the safety of beginners and children.

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Easy to carry and fly at will.