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Shenzhen HighGreat Innovation Technology Development CO., LT, with the concept of "technology, starting from happiness", is determined to provide consumers with high quality drones which are safe, reliable, portable, easy to use and extremely cost-effective with its advanced design ideas, brand positioning and strict quality control management.


With a 13,000-square-metres professional drone manufacturing base, HighGreat Innovation has a complete drone manufacturing chain from product design, model manufacturing, processing to product assembly, providing consumers with safe, reliable, portable and easy-to-use high quality drone products and services. With an annual output capacity of one million units, it currently has the world's largest fleet of 60,000 drones in formation.


While developing and producing drone products, High Great Innovation also actively explores innovative applications of drones. By combining the potential and advantages of self-researched drones, High Great Innovation successfully created the High Great Innovation Drone Formation in 2017, opening a different way for drone formation performance. in 2018, High Great Innovation created the first 3D drone formation performance, the first cold fireworks drone formation performance, the first domestic interactive 3D drone formation performance, the first domestic giant drone light painting creative marketing event and other remarkable achievements, opening up the industry 3D moves era.


With exclusive custom-made drone equipment and cutting-edge control technology system as the foundation, High Great Innovation creates live-action visual feasts and phenomenal events to achieve an immersive and innovative marketing model, creating a number of successful cases and serving clients from various fields including the Internet, brand clients, mainstream media and government. Cooperation cases include the Audi A8L launch, the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up cultural party, the 2019 Guizhou Digital Expo, Jiangsu TV's "Hundred Varieties" stage show, Hunan TV's July Eve Love Song Party, the opening ceremony of the 2019 Ethnic Minority Games, the 2019 Xiamen Golden Rooster Award warm-up, the 2020 Singapore New Year's Eve celebration, the 2020 CCTV May 4th Special Gala, the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen SAR dedication, the 2021 Party Centenary Dedication, the 2021 Party Anniversary Dedication, and the 2020 Singapore New Year Celebration. 2021 Party Centenary Dedication, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, etc. Over 5,000 performances have been perfectly presented in over 300 cities over the world ,and four World Records were successfully broken in May 2021.


At the same time, as a high-tech enterprise, HighGreat Innovation has always attached great importance to the creation, management, implementation and protection of intellectual property rights, with more than 260 intellectual property rights patent applications and numerous honors and achievements, including a utility model patent certificate for the company's drone projection system and stabilized image platform, a number of products such as aerial vehicle shock absorption ball and drone collision protection cover, and a design patent certificate for drone The company has been recognized by the industry in the process of development and has won the UAV Golden Lion Award of the World UAV Congress, the strategic partner of the 2nd Global Unmanned Systems Congress, the initiator of the China Unmanned Systems New Technology Industry Alliance, the 2018 Top Ten Chinese UAV Brands of the Year, Advanced Director Unit of Shenzhen UAV Association and other honors.


  • 2014.10

    Shenzhen HighGreat was founded

  • 2014

  • 2015.01

    Working on developed 3 types of drone at the same time

  • 2015.06

    TAKE hand-made model released

  • 2015.10

    TAKE drone in testing

  • 2015

  • 2016.01

    TAKE drone official released on CES exhibition

  • 2016.04

    Attended the 17th China Enterprises Association for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing

  • 2016.09

    For better coordinate with the research and development, HighGreat established a 13000㎡ drone manufacturing base

  • 2016.11

    Attended China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen

  • 2016

  • 2017.01

    Attended 2017 CES in Las Vegas

  • 2017.02

    Attended MWC 2017 in Barcelona

  • 2017.04

    Attended the 18th China Enterprises Association for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in Beijing

  • 2017.07

    Attended ChinaJoy 2017 in Shanghai

  • 2017.09

    Attended the Third Shenzhen Maker Week Fair

  • 2017.11

    New product HESPER released on 19th China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen

  • 2017.12

    R&D office extended to more than 1000㎡

  • 2017

  • 2018.01

    Release new drone MARK on 2018 CES Las Vegas

  • 2018.02

    Our drone lights show on CCTV Festival Gala

  • 2018.03

    HESPER on market

  • 2018.04

    Drone Lights Show for Audi A8L new car conference

  • 2018.05

    Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom resident drone formation performance

  • 2018.07

    King Glory and Tsingtao Beer Festival drone formation performance

  • 2018.08

    Cooperated with Hunan TV to celebrate Tanabata Festival

  • 2018.09

    Shenzhen 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up and the 7th Anniversary of the League of Legends

  • 2018.10

    Drone formation performance on Qingdao theme party

  • 2018

  • 2020.05

    Fylo EDU is officially on sale

  • 2020

  • 2021.03

    The new customized drone "Xiangyun" was released

  • 2021.04

    Fylo RTK, an ultra-low-altitude outdoor drone, is launched

  • 2021.05

    5,200 drones break 4 World Records

  • 2021.05

    The new outdoor performance drone EMO officially announced for sale

  • 2021

  • 2022.02

    February 2022, appearing at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

  • 2022


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